sample questions 1.0

(answers are at the bottom)

1. What are the three parts that make up the anatomy of atoms?

2. Which part of the atom has a negative charge?

3. What is the charge on the neutron?

4. If a CARBON atom has 6 protons, how many neutrons must it have?

5. What is the only atom that DOES NOT have a neutron?

6. If I know that an OXYGEN atom with zero charge has 8 electrons, how many protons must it have?



1. proton, neutron and electron

2. electron has a negative charge

3. zero. Neutrons have no charge.

4. We don’t know unless we look at the model for the atom or its box on the periodic table (see tutorial 1.2 for this)

5. Hydrogen.

6. Eight. Remember the rule that atoms with zero charge have the same number of protons as electrons.


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